Our Mini Eco Combo Includes one of each: 


    Mini-malist Compact Bamboo Spork & Stainless Steel Straw Set

    Fits right in the palm of your hands - talk about a space saver !  Great for kids, school, work and camping.
    This compact set includes:

    • spork - all in one bamboo spoon and fork utensil 
    • telescope 304 grade stainless steel straw
    • mini coconut husk straw cleaner
    • washable canvas travel storage bag and carabiner clip


    Small Coconut Bowl 

    working with what mother nature gave us, we do our best to provide the following approximates ≈

    • Diameter ≈ 4 in
    • Height ≈ 2.5 in
    • Holds ≈ 10 fluid oz


    Bohemian Marketplace Bag 

    • Refuse Single Use Plastic 

    • Strong & durable 100% cotton bag

    • Easily expands to hold large items

    • Lightweight and easy to store

    • Reusable (hand wash line dry)

    • Load Capacity 25lbs

    • Handle Length 11in

    • Bag Length 16in

    • Bag Width 15in



    China & Vietnam

    Mini Eco Combo

    Mini-malist Bamboo Spork & Steel Straw Bag Color