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The Mini-malist Collection

Keeping it simple and making it even easier for you to avoid single-use plastic ! Join us in cheering on choosing responsibly for a future that's plastic free with our mini but mighty Mini-malist Bamboo Spork

Each bamboo utensil has been made using one solid piece of bamboo during the production process. Meaning no wood splicing or glues are used which provides a safe product for you and our environment.

Mini-malist Bamboo Spork Set

  • Mini-malist Compact Bamboo Spork & Straw Set

    Fits right in the palm of your hands - talk about a space saver !  Great for kids, school, work and camping.
    This compact set includes:

    • spork - all in one bamboo spoon and fork utensil 
    • washable canvas travel storage bag and carabiner clip


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